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SOUTH AFRICA - Representative ( South Africa and sub-Sahara)


The Brillstein Security Group is being representated in South Africa and the sub-Sahara countries by our very professional main representative and partner in the Durban region and a number of other cities and towns within the Republic of South Africa. BSG South Africa consists of a whole network in itself.

Part of our BSG South Africa network are, amongst others, the Brillstein-Sentinel Security Academy, Security & Survival South Africa and the Sentinel Bodyguard Association (SEBA) South Africa. For non-African applicants who'd like to join this new association for close protection experts and operators from governments, organisations or private operators, please visit the US-European SEBA home page. The BSG South Africa network is also registered with International SOS as a first line Medical Response Supplier and is involved in Crisis Intervention operations in cooperation with South Africa Police.

BSG South Africa also owns a number of high-end training and accommodation facilities, including a 5-star hotel Moorcroft Manor", which hosts for instance high-ranking government staff from various African governments, as well as top events in South Africa. The BSG-EUBSA network is very well connected with a number of African governments, such as South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique and Nigeria.

Finally, BSG South Africa is also partner of MI-C3 - providing a highly intelligent security and Central Database for Information Storage software, serving as a platform for secure Information and communications, central control point for large companies, and a standard method of viewing data with many highly interesting features.

If you need any information as regards any security related services from BSG South Africa in any sub-Sahara countries or in Southern Africa, please use our secure contact and feedback form. The BSG team in Africa will support and assist you in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, in all of South Africa and in any other sub-Sahara country with high-end solutions to your security problem!